Celebration of Life

"For all that we loved deeply becomes a part of us"


When saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do!!


The Celebration of Life Project is meant for pets that are near the end of life they are aging, sick or even dying. What better way to say goodbye than a celebration of life session.

Allow me to tell your pets story, did they love the lake, going for walks at a special park, laying in bed with you,  what made them special to you!!


Our pets are a huge part of our family, they cuddle up to us in bed, follow us around to get a walk or fed, they stare up us with their big bright eyes waiting for us to guess what they want.  They bark at the door bell and run around the house after their baths. They rub against us to get us full of fur before we head out the door to go to work, they are there when we come home with a meow or a wagged tail. They make us laugh and comfort us when we are sad. They need us just as we need them. 


Keeping a tangible souvenir of your pets passage in our lives becomes part of your family's heritage. Each time we view a photograph of them it will take us back to all of our memorable events. 


If you missed the opportunity to have a beautiful portrait done before your pet passed on, we offer painted portraits of your pet of an image you provide to us. The sizes are 11x14, 16x20 or 16x24. Once painted it is no long a picture or portrait it is a painting as through you purchased it in an art gallery. Examples below 


We have partnered with the following businesses, who are part

of the process to ease this moment of sorrow. When you consult with or choose their services, ask for your "Celebration of life" card. Bring this card to the professional photography session and with purchase you will receive a bonus

printed photograph as a gift (Valued at $65).


Please call to book your time to be able to memorialize your pets today..306-533-8620.


Partnered Businesses: (click each business name to view their website)

   Moose Jaw Clinic

Bellamy Harrison Animal Hospital Moose Jaw, 790 Lillooet Street West


 Click here to view Final Act of Caring video Brought to you by Bellamy Harrison Animal Hospital in Moose Jaw.


 Regina Clinics

 24 HR Animal Care Center Regina, 1846 Victoria Ave East 

Call 306-761-1449


Wascana Animal Hospital  Regina, 3259 Eastgate Drive 

Call 306-789-0918.


Gardiner Park Animal Hospital   Regina, 330 Gardiner Park Court


Lakewood Animal Hospital  Regina, 1151 Lakewood Court North  306-545-6487



Indian Head Clinic

Indian Head Animal Clinic-  Indian Head, 420 Grand Ave.

Call 306-695-2238




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