Our last photographer-

Can you imagine if we compared every business and expected the price be the same for everything we bought, McDonald's sells .99 cent ice cream why doesn't Dairy Queen or Milky Way? Would you go into those places and say my last ice cream cost .99 cents, can I get that. Every business is individual and offers different things and may offer different services and products. At Brice Photography, we strive for you to be "excited" about your portrait session, we want to create a true value(your family and your pets) in your portrait design..

That special spot where you first walked hand in hand with your pets beside you...

Those summer days you spent with your children at the lake with your dog...

Your grandparent's back yard, your second home and place of shelter the joy of running in the fields with their dog...

The memories and stories that mean the world to you...

Let us tell your family's story!

At Brice Photography, we invest in you and getting to know our clients.  We hope to be your only and last photographer to work with you-a happy you is a happy us. 


Why am I a pet photographer?

 I love my dog, grew up on a farm and loved dogs than and still do. I felt like everyone with a pet needed to have a special pet portrait. My dog is just like a child in our home.  She brings us so much joy and love to our world and I want to honor that memory with portraits of her. I want my pet families to feel their love of their pet through the portraits.


What to bring to the portrait session?

Each dog or cat must be put on a leash or be in a carrying crate when entering my home and leaving for everyone's safety. 

If we do an outdoor session leashes are a must, we find the most safest location to photograph your pet. 

Please bring your pets favorite treats and toys.


Do you offer Packages-

Packages are something you find in supermarket or UPS delivers to your door. Collections is the word we love, creating a full line of collections was not something we wanted to do because this does a disservice to clients by forcing them to invest in  something you may not want or you want to change.  We offer a create a collection. You create your own collection, build and save. You decide what you want to invest on the portraits you absolutely love. 


What is the investment and what is included-

Our portrait sessions start at $150. Wall art starts at $250, desk art at $120, gift prints at $65 with options to purchase collections thus building and saving. When you book your design session we explain everything in detail.

-We include a extensive complementary design consultation

where we plan, design, customize and personalize the session to

create beautiful portraits for you, your family and your home.

We make proper clothing suggestions for the right environment

and what clothing will look great in your portrait session. This is

what will get YOU excited about your session. We meet with you

in person in your home or our studio to talk about you and your session. 

- The fees include the behind scene of setting up, scooping out

locations for the perfect setting. Purchasing of any props needed and education.

-The portrait session to implement all of the ideas from the design session, 1-2 hours.

-The reveal party/viewing ordering session where we highlight the favorite portraits.

 -How can I justify charging $65 for an image when you can get that same size print at the local drug store for-$3.99. Exactly how a restaurant can charge $27.00 for a meal when the ingredients cost $5.50 at the grocery store.  


How do I choose my portraits?

Less than two weeks after your session, we will invite you into view the images with a reveal party-ordering session.  We discuss and show you ways to display your favorite portraits. 


What do you mean you don't offer all images on a CD?

First off why do we call it that and not a USB, I am not sure the last time I used a CD. I pride myself in providing high end, personalized, professionally enhanced custom work. Each image takes time to enhance.  We want you to see family wall art that tells your story is something worth displaying and worth its weight in gold. 


 Do you need a pet that listens to commands-sit, stay?

Yes, that would be very helpful, especially in the studio. If your dog doesn't listen to commands but does well on a leash an outdoor session maybe best for your pet.  


 Do I sell digital files?

Web-ready files for sharing and gift cards are at no charge of any portrait purchased. These are meant for the web, but are made large enough for printing gift cards at 4x6 only.


Non-web ready files are available on request at a (cost) with wall

art purchases and include all the artist work, no raw files are sold. The artwork put into each image is extensive, from

removing of pet leashes, removal of transitions, fixing of backgrounds, skin and blemish retouching and much more. 


Where is my studio?

My studio is in the northwest side of Regina, in the lower part of my home.


Do I require a reservation fee or retainer?

Yes, I require a retainer, that assures everyone that I have set that date and time aside for your session. This is non-refundable but the date and time can be changed within 48 hours notice of the session.