With both kids having a grad it was finally time for good-quality family photos. My kids and I aren't typically thrilled about posing and having our photos taken, but Lisa kept us moving around and trying different poses that before I knew it she was done with lots of great poses to choose from, she even managed to get our dog to pose nicely on many of the shots. She worked with us to make it a comfortable experience and captured what I was looking for our wall portrait.  Thanks Lisa!!     -Janice Gienow

Hi Lisa, Thank you so very much for the photo shoot with Alien and Kevin today!! I just wanted to tell you what a positive experience it was on my end. I think it is so wonderful and generous that you did this for Lucky Paws and also that you mention them on your business card! It was so nice that you included cats as well, especially as I know they are not the most cooperative at times :). It was such a nice touch that you had the snacks set up and the gift baskets to enter to win. Thank you so much for the gift basket I won at Feeding Furbabes as well! I went through it when I got home and was excited to see it was filled with such great items. I saw in the letter that everything was from Cathedral Pet Stop - one of my favourite stores, nice that you promoted them as well. In all the excitement of the photo shoot I didn't really look at the photo frame closely until I got home - it is so beautiful! What a great item to include in it. I absolutely love the frame. And since we have two dogs and two cats, all of the items will be well used in our house! I gave some of the cat treats to Kevin and Alien when we got home and they loved them. The brochure you had in the basket was so nice as well! I just wanted to let you know I was so impressed with everything today and with how much effort you clearly made to do such a nice thing for Lucky Paws. My friend Lynne is one of the directors there so they are of course one of my favourite rescues! I have a lot of "dog people" and "cat people" friends and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who might be interested in getting pet photos done. I will let people know that you still have spaces left in the Moose Jaw sessions. I can't wait to see my photos!! I was also wondering if it would be possible to change my photo of Kevin to be the one with his arm and elbow hanging out, if I'm not too late? After I left I was thinking about what a cute pose it was and how maybe I should have picked that one instead. Please let me know if that might be possible!! Thank you so much - good luck with the rest of the sessions! Janna