The Design Session

 The design session IS to help me design the session around who you are as a family and is custom to you and your family. Do you prefer indoor or outdoor? In allowing me to do this the session will flow and go a lot faster because he have a design and a plan.


  •  What to wearWhether it is child photography or a family photo, clothing selection is very important.  You want to create color harmony within your group.  I provide a checklist for clothing and makeup choices.  We consult with you in depth about clothing. 


  • Creating your PortraitWhat do you do as a family?  Do you love to camp or have picnics in the park?  What is your child's favorite hobby?  These are all questions that will help to capture the perfect setting for an image.  The environment may be indoor or outdoor.  Items of sentimental value such as a piece of jewelry, a treasure from your youth, or an antique car can become an important part of the story you create with your image. 



The Portrait Session

  • This may take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on where the images will be taken, what is involved for the set-up and how many subjects will be in the images.



 Brice Photography offers the following:

  •   During our design session about your photography needs I ask questions.  Why are you wanting photos taken?  Where and how will you be displaying them?  Will you hang them them vertical or horizontal?  The extra attention to detail that makes Brice Photography your valued portrait photographer. 


  • Designing a portrait o is unique and memorable and meets all your expectations.


  • Customer satisfaction is a priority.  


  • Children are such a joy and full of life.  I create a fun atmosphere with puppets and funny noises to bring out their smiles.  I offer the little things that make your experience enjoyable.


  • Accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada:




Let me help you design a wall portrait suited just for you and your family!