Why am I a pet photographer?

 I love my dog, grew up on a farm and loved dogs than and still do. I felt like everyone with a pet needed to have a special pet portrait. My dog is just like a child in our home.  She brings us so much joy and love to our world and I want to honor that memory with portraits of her. I want my pet families to feel their love of their pet through the portraits.


What to bring to the portrait session?

Each dog or cat must be put on a leash or be in a carrying crate when entering my home and leaving for everyone's safety. 

If we do an outdoor session leashes are a must, we find the most safest location to photograph your pet. 

Please bring your pets favorite treats and toys.


How long will the session take?

The session takes anywhere from 30-60 mins depending on the look, style and cooperation of the pet.  


Do you need a pet that listens to commands-sit, stay?

Yes, that would be very helpful, especially in the studio. If your dog doesn't listen to commands but does well on a leash an outdoor session maybe best for your pet.  


How much is a session?

All of the pricing and products are discussed during our consultation session. I have some custom products that are personalize with your pets name along with the portrait. It is recommended that you print your images as a more appropriate way of enjoying them. The idea is to create an everlasting memory by enjoying the images and that is only done by displaying them.


Do I sell digital files?

Files for sharing purposes are at no charge of any portrait purchased of the same images. 


Digital collections are available and my collections have them included. 


Where is my studio?

My studio is in the northwest side of Regina, in the lower part of my home.


Do I require a deposit?

Yes, I require a reservation fee, that assures everyone that I have set that date and time aside for your session. This is non-refundable but the date and time can be changed within 48 hours notice of the session.