MEET THE ARTIST- Regina Child/ Family Photographer

Welcome to Brice Photography. I have a passion for creating beautiful lasting photographic Portraits.   I want to help you decorate your world with highly personal artwork, artwork that matters. 

When people contact me for portraits of their family they are looking for images that stand the test of time and are heirlooms to be past down from generations. They want to document and capture a newborn, a family gathering, an engagement, the pure true essence of their children and grandchildren, an engagement, grandma's 82nd birthday, or even their precious pets. They want to capture a moment in time or a person they value the most. 

At Brice Photography we take pride in our work and consult with you on your needs and wants. We do our best to tell your family story. We work with you in the design consultation where we discuss clothing ideas and suggestions, (Hit: wearing the same colors showcases a feeling of togetherness and unity rather than separation) We help you select your images and if there is anything specific you want in your portrait or done to a portrait we work with you to accomplish that.  We are here to help create the beauty in your valued gifts-your family and pets.




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