For Pets and Their Families:


Brice Photography is a Regina, Saskatchewan pet photographer who serves the Regina and surrounding areas. Brice Photography specializes in Pet Photography; dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, check with the photographer on other animals.

Are you a dog-lover, cat-lover or know someone who is? Having a photo of your dog or cat is the perfect gift for yourself or to someone you love. There are special dog and cat lover gifts even personalized gifts with pets name attached along with a metal print in two great sizes 5x7 or 8x10.


An indoor pet photo session allows for those months when the weather doesn't allow us to take images outside of photos of dogs, cats or any small animals(check with Photographer on special small pets).



Family portraits with your cat, dog or small pet are encouraged as well. You want to be able to remember and pass the memories down to your children of the childhood pets they once had.

It is especially important to have pet photos done when your pet is older and their quality of life is deteriorating. Before you choose to say goodbye, consider a portrait by Brice photography Pet Photographer.


Indoor photo sessions take place in my home studio in the lower level. I recommend all animals come in a crate or leashed for the safety of humans and animals in my home. For those that feel that their home environment would best suit their pet, than I come to you but there is an added charge for this service.   


Pets are just like family-our pets lives are so short, a legacy pet portrait from Brice Photography provides memories that last forever. 


Family portraits with pets are my first choice because we all love our pets and they are just as much part of our family than any human. We carry such a bond with them, they need us just as much as we need them.