Community Appreciation Fundraiser for Lucky Paws Dog Rescue






Community Appreciation Fundraiser for Lucky Paws Dog Rescue 




 Saturday March 9th Moose Jaw


Sessions will be held at Gary Overs K9 Academy 1254 9th Ave North


Read the information and register your time at the bottom and send.


Lucky Paws Dog Rescue is a non-profit, registered charity Dog Rescue out of Regina and Moose Jaw. They just celebrated their second  year anniversary this past January and are tirelessly doing fundraisers to pay off vet bills and help their fosters until they find homes.  Lucky Paws is all volunteer based with a passion to rescue, foster and find good homes for dogs. 

Brice Photography will be hosting a fundraiser for Lucky Paws Dog Rescue to help support their programs and to thank their supporters listed below. 

This will include a 20 minute photo session of one pet per session, dog, cat, rabbit, or guinea pig. In this 20 minutes your pet will be photographed,  you pick your favorite portrait and have the option to order more from packages, a  5x7 is included and a shareable file, a chance to win a gift basket as a way of saying thank you for your support. All prints and print packages are ordered from a professional lab. You will be notified when prints are ready.  Only one pet per session time because of the shorten time slot. 


How do you register for this event?


1. You must register at the bottom of this page. 

Go to these(listed below) participating businesses tell them you are wanting to be involved in the Lucky Paws Portrait Fundraiser,  make the required $30.00 donation food or vet bills and they will put it on Lucky Paws account, you will receive a receipt from the businesses and you MUST keep the receipt from the businesses below and provide it at the pet portrait session. More information at each store and veterinary clinics.  

Thank you to these great businesses for all  that they do for Lucky Paws Dog Rescue. 




Moose Jaw Locations:

Gary Overs, Kennelling & Obedience, Pet supplies Animal Health Services - 860 High Street, Moose Jaw

Bellamy Harrison Animal Hospital- 790 Lillooet Street, Moose Jaw


On the day of the event

  • You must have a time booked on Brice Photography's website to be registered, one time slot per pet.
  • You must provide a receipt of purchase for each pet registered from the participating businesses listed above, details of the event at each of the locations listed above. 
  • Have all pets on a leash or in a crate when coming and leaving the studio.
  • Have your pet feed, walked and gone to the bathroom before the shoot, pertaining to dogs.


What should you know?

  • The sessions are very short so it is advised that your dog knows specific commands such as sit and stay. Busy pets are not advised for this type of session.
  • Pets that don't  know commands such as cats will be placed into a prop to make them stay.
  • Bring your pets favorite treat and stuffed toy, for photographing, listening and direction purposes. 
  • You must provide the receipt  indicating your donation to Lucky Paws  from one of the participating businesses listed above.
  • You will be entered into a draw to win various items from the participating businesses.  

For more information

For more information please contact Lisa of Brice Photography Pet studios at 306-545-2302.  Please do leave a message if I don't answer and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for supporting Lucky Paws Dog Rescue. 



Extra prints packages that will be available, IF YOU CHOOSE:

Collection A   $99   



 One image only 


Collection B  $199

14x14 expression print

1- 8x10

1-8x8 matted image

One Image only


Collection C  $350

14x14 expression print

8x10 3D print with stand and name of your pet


$10 gift card from a local pet store 

Includes, choice of two images and two shareable files.  






Thank you registering for our Lucky Paws Fundraiser

Thank you for supporting Lucky Paws Dog Rescue,  on the day of the event Please wait in your vehicle if there is a session going on, the door will be locked,  It is best to stay in your vehicle for the safety of all people and pets until that 

Please make sure your pet is on a leash or in a crate, you are welcome to bring  treats, toys, ties, bow ties, clothing for your pet. 

Remember to bring your receipt from the supporters of Lucky Paws Dog Rescue  where you made the $30 donation at either Gary Overs Kenneling & Obedience or Bellamy Harrison Animal Hospital. Thank them for the great work they do for this rescue. 

 The session will take place at Gary Overs K9 Academy on 1254 9th Ave North.  

If you have any questions please contact us,

Lisa Brice 




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