Sunday, September 09, 2018
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Limited Edition Christmas




Christmas Sessions are a great opportunity to purchase a unique gift for family, friends and yourself.  

Why a Christmas Card?

Knowing that someone was thinking about you for a moment and took the time to send a personalized message to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  A great big old text on Christmas Day or a Facebook post on your wall for your 200 followers doesn't scream "I am thinking about you" this Christmas season. 

Christmas is a time to take a step back from the screen and send something properly meaningful and special to someone.  It's a time to connect with people in your life that goes beyond your everyday posts, tweets, text, and email.  Lets get real this Christmas. Take the time to really think about the people in your life and create a timeless gift of a portrait.  Let's send some Christmas cheer together. 

Here are the details:

* There are 20 sessions available over three days from November 16-18th.

* The sessions are 30 minutes long with the opportunity to view them right away and order from three collections. 

* Pets need to be on a leash or in a crate for transporting in and out.

* A non-refundable reservation fee of $75 is required to book.   

* Session collections start at $135.  For inquires, please call 306-533-8620.  Each collection has something for everyone; a few prints for gifts, making your own Christmas cards, and something special to keep for yourself.  


Join us at Divas with Dogs on November 10th to receive $10 off the session fee if you book at the show.  There will be a prize package worth $250 which includes the Christmas Edition basic collection, chocolates and a bottle of wine.  So come out to Diva's with Dogs for a chance to win. 


If you have any questions, please call us at 306-533-8620. 


To register : Book Here








Sunday, August 12, 2018
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Brice Photography is a custom studio.  What does that mean?  We spend the time with our clients to customize in a session who they are and what their pets mean to them.  We find out the love, joy and connection between pets and owner and we incorporate into session around the story that evokes emotion around their family. 

Meet the Carr family with a love story worth telling.  These two have four loves and we incorporated all of them in their portrait session.  They love their yard, their dogs(Coda and Peggy Sue), each other and the way they met.  

When I first met with the Carr family  for their design session at their home, they were so welcoming and we spent most of our time outside in their backyard.  They showed me the fish pond and all the work they put into their flowers and garden.  Each one of their flowers is well taken care of until the end of July when everything stops blooming.  They take photos of each blooming flower so they can remember them and count them at the end of the season.  The back yard is a very special place for them and they just gleam sharing their love of flowers and garden.  They wanted and needed to have a session in their yard with their dogs.  I worked with them to make sure the lilies were in the portrait because that was important to them we created a portrait that included all of their loves.  One of them jokingly wanted the fish in the photo, but we didn't know how we could make that would happen. 

Well, we missed out one of the loves; how they met.  They wanted a portrait with a gravel path and trees and I wasn't sure where to find that and they didn't have any suggestions.  I spent one Sunday evening going to a park relatively close to my home for a walk with my family and found the perfect spot.  The Carrs  were so happy we were able to incorporate this into the session so we did two locations; one in their backyard and one on gravel path with trees about 5 minutes from their home. Why a gravel road with trees you ask?  Well this is how they met, walking their dogs on a road among trees.  A true love story indeed.  Thank you for sharing your story with me and allowing me to experience who you are.  Like you said, "Everyone is your friend, you just don't know it." 

Your family is your story, your legacy memorialized for a lifetime.  It's your story to tell, what's yours? 



Thursday, August 02, 2018
By Lisa Brice
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What is an Accreditation-

Accreditation is the degree of elevation above the general membership level, and is achieved by
submitting samples of the applicant’s photography in a chosen category. Accreditation
demonstrates that the photographer has proven professional ability to the Board of Examiners of
the Professional Photographers of Canada.

In assessing Accreditation submissions, the judges will consider the following criteria: Impact, Creativity, Style, Composition, Presentation, Color Balance, Center of Interest, Lighting, Subject Matter, Technique and Story Telling.

Why I choose to work on Botanical Accreditation-

Why not, photographing flowers, plants, fruits would be easy right? Well, I was proven wrong this project which was one of the hardest I have ever tackled.  I had to submit a few times to get each image to a standard the judges found acceptable to be accredited. Accreditation's are not easy no matter which category, it means having your work judged in front of a panel of three qualified judges, photography can be subjective therefore each judge has his or her options, views on why or why not an image should be accepted or not accepted. As much as I am disappointed(for a day or so) when I don't receive an accreditation, I keep trying, I keep submitting because one day all of this hard work will pay off and I will walk that catwalk towards my Craftsmanship Of Photographic Arts. Which is the first designation within the Professional Photographer of Canada. 


What accreditation's are next? 

I am working on a few at the moment canine-I need to more to pass, feline and environmental portrait -I need three more to pass with each step I walk closer to that stage. 


Thursday, April 12, 2018
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Where will the Community Appreciation Pet Portrait Event be held on April 21 & 22, 2018?

Gary Overs from K9 Academy in Moose Jaw has graciously offered their space for both April 21 & 22, 2018 to allow us to raise funds for Lucky Paws Dog Rescue to cover vet bills and/or supplies for their rescue dogs.  You can go to either Bellamy Harrison or Gary Overs and they will assist you.  You must click here to register for the event, follow the directions at  Register today as only a limited number of spots are available. 

Who is Gary Overs K9 Academy?

Gary Overs was born and raised in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.  He has been involved with pets his entire life, and began his formal obedience training at age 20.  Prior to opening his present business, Gary assisted obedience training for the Band City Kennel and Obedience Club.

Over his years of training, Gary and his dogs have achieved numerous high scores in trials, including marks of 199.5 of a possible 200.  Gary continues to train and compete with his Golden Retrievers in the obedience ring and in the field.  His wife Shelley has recently begun to train for the Agility Ring with their Golden Retriever, Tripp.

Gary Overs Kennelling & Obedience opened its doors in June 1991 and has evolved into one of Moose Jaw’s leading boarding, grooming, training, and pet nutrition centers.  In June 2006, Gary expanded the business to include Gary Overs K9 Academy, which specializes in all levels of obedience training as well as private lessons and behavioral consultations.

Gary is proud to work hand in hand with our local veterinarians to encourage a well-rounded pet, both physically and socially.  If you would like to schedule a consultation, give us a call today!

Why does Gary support Lucky Paws Dog Rescue?

I choose to be involved with LPDR because I felt that they wanted to do things right , they want their adoptions to succeed and they are transparent with any issues adoptable animals may have.  I am happy to be involved with an organization where the money they receive goes directly to the dogs, not the majority going to wages.

My role with LPDR is as their behaviour consultant and trainer.  I field many calls weekly in regards to training issues that the foster parents may be having and am fortunate to have many of the adopted dogs and puppies attend my obedience classes.  Through my retail business I have been able to provide both product and monetary donations to the rescue.

What does Lucky Paws say about Gary Overs?

Gary Overs gives us massive support, all the way from free training and rehabilitating, to fundraisers for food and money, to free grooming services.  He's there anytime to answer any questions about behavior issues, advice on ideal placements for dogs, and more.  Awesome, knowledgeable, and highly-educated guy that we owe a lot!  If you wish to help Lucky Paws out register for the event listed above or get involved in some of their fundraisers, volunteer or foster.  Find and like them on Facebook


Join Us April 21/22 at Gary Overs K9 Academy for a Community Appreciation Pet Portrait event. 

Gary Overs Kennelling and Obedience

The place to be April 21 & 22 for your pet portrait.

Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Lucky Paws Dog Rescue 

Lucky Paws Dog Rescue is a Moose Jaw, Regina and  surrounding area dog rescue.  They rescue dogs, foster, fund-raise and have adaption events to help dogs find a forever home.  Lucky Paws is a non-profit registered Canadian Charity, any monetary donations over $25.00 are tax-deductible. They accept good quality dog food, new/used collars, leashes, kennels, blankets. If you wish to volunteer, foster, adopt or become a sponsor please email: 

Click here to Donate

click here to volunteer or foster

Lucky Paws would love to thank all of their community supporters.


The following businesses help Lucky Paws Dog Rescue with their initiatives. Lucky Paws Dog Rescue  would love to thank the following sponsors for their ongoing support Lucky Paws is very Lucky to have you:


* The Cathedral Pet Stop- 2924 13th Ave, Regina

* Pet Valu- 1251 Main Street, Moose Jaw

* PetSmart- 4835 Gordon Road, Regina

* Albert North Veterinary Clinic- 216 McIntyre Street, Regina

* Cowtown- 21 McKenzie Ln, Moose Jaw

* Bellamy Harrison Animal Hospital- 790 Lillooet Street, Moose Jaw

*Gary Overs Kennelling & Obedience- 860 High St. W, Moose Jaw


Brice Photography is teaming up with Lucky Paws Dog Rescue to thank these sponsors by creating a community appreciation event.  For more details on this event-  click here to register 

The following businesses are involved in this event and this is what Lucky Paws says about these great supporters.  

* The Cathedral Pet Stop- 2924 13th Ave, Regina

Another pet store that gives Lucky Paws an incredible support is The Cathedral Pet Stop


 * Albert North Veterinary Clinic- 216 McIntyre Street, Regina

Albert North Vet Clinic has been supportive of Lucky Paws since our inception.  They provide our dogs excellent health care and give us a large discount from all services.  They're a busy clinic, but still always find a way to fit us in if there's an emergency.  


* Bellamy Harrison Animal Hospital- 790 Lillooet Street, Moose Jaw 

 Bellamy Harrison Animal Hospital is also one of our biggest supports.  One of our directors has a long-standing friendship with Bob Bellamy, and his clinic gives us an excellent discount on all veterinary procedures, often free follow-up exams for dogs with specific health issues, and tons of phone advice.  Not only this, but BHAH is a team of highly-skilled vets who stay current in their profession.  


 *Gary Overs Kennelling & Obedience- 860 High St. W, Moose Jaw 

Gary Overs gives us massive support, all the way from free training and rehabilitating, to fundraisers for food and money, to free grooming services.  He's there anytime to answer any question about behavior issues, advice on ideal placements for dogs, and more.  Awesome, knowledgeable, and highly-educated guy that we owe a lot! 

If you wish to help Lucky Paws out register for the event listed above or get involved in some of their fundraisers, volunteer or foster.   Find and like them on Facebook