Child Portrait Paintings

I took my almost 3 year old for pictures and she was not the most cooperative, however Lisa did not give up on her she kept trying different approaches to try and get her interested in participating and she was very patient in doing so. Lisa does beautiful work with her portraits! We have had her photograph our little one almost a year old ad I was totally impressed with her work!!                  -Jacqui Morhart


With both kids having a grad it was finally time for good-quality family photos. My kids and I aren't typically thrilled about posing and having our photos taken, but Lisa kept us moving around and trying different poses that before I knew it she was done with lots of great poses to choose from, she even managed to get our dog to pose nicely on many of the shots. She worked with us to make it a comfortable experience and captured what I was looking for our wall portrait.  Thanks Lisa!!     -Janice Gienow


Lisa was great to work with! She's a true perfectionist, not stopping until she had us "Just right." We were in and out of fields, standing, sitting.. it was a blast!!!...Kim 

Mom and Daughter Portraits

Excellent to work with- my daughter loves taking  pictures and sometimes gets a little bossy but Lisa takes it with a grain of salt and amuses her. Ginger.